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We are sports fans just like you. We’ve been fortunate to visit many Sports Halls including all four of the flagship halls (Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey) featured on SportsHallz. Each is very different from the other, but all were excellent experiences which some of you have enjoyed and we hope others of you will also.

Our hope is that SportsHallz will collect the experiences and images from many you about your visit to a Sports Hall and your encounters with the Hall of Famers. We are actually counting on you to help build this database of Hall experiences. As a sports fan we love to share with other fans, and this is your opportunity to do so.

And this is just the beginning for SportsHallz. We expect to add other Halls including Nascar, Soccer, state sports halls, etc. in the next 12 months. Feel free to suggest to us which should be next, and to perhaps help us build out that database.

Last, if you have suggestions on how we cam make this site better, please let us know. We belive SportsHallz is a one-of-a-kind directory of Sports Hall information and we want to make it a useful site visited by other sports fans like yourself.

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